Spray Foam Roofing

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Conklin Polyurethane Spray Foam

A seamless roofing system consisting of a 1-2″ layer of spray foam. Conklin Liquid Applied Membrane is applied over top of this foam, completing the reflective, insulative roof.


Conklin Foam Roofing is a white reflective system proven to reflect up to 85% of solar radiance and heat.


Spray Foam Roofing systems come with a 10-18 year guarantee for peace of mind and long-lasting protection.


By eliminating tear-offs, we reduce the environmental impact. We recommend renewing this system every ten years for best performance.

Why Restore Install a Foam Roof?

A foam roof can drastically lower your heating & cooling bills as well as guaranteeing a leak-free roof. Most of the United States experiences significant if not extreme temperatures. Colorado, Utah, and the surrounding states are no different. Summer sunlight beats down on your roof, baking it to extreme temperatures. This heat radiates through the roof into the space below while heating the air directly above. All this extra heat places a significant burden on the buildings’ cooling system raising your energy costs. Extreme cold during the winter months sends heating bills spiking. Here is where we get to the best part. A foam roof adds 1-2 inches of seamless insulation with an R rating of 6.5 per inch. More insulation means less heat or cold transfer slashing energy bills. The reflective white surface works in tandem with the insulation to keep your building cool even in the most blistering hot summer months. With a liquid-applied membrane that can be renewed (ideally every ten years) almost indefinitely, your building will be protected for years to come. How would lower energy bills, no need for costly tear-offs, and a roof that will last for decades make your life more enjoyable? Call us today to discuss the best options for your roof.

Spray Polyurethane Foam

How its done

Step 1: Cleaning

Nothing can bond to a dirty roof surface. Step #1 is a deep clean of the roof, removing accumulated dirt and grime and caulk, and other products used as a patch in the past. High-pressure washers strip the surface down to the original surface. Other additional methods are used where needed. De-greaser is used anywhere oil has contaminated the roof surface. A special rust remover (Rust-Off) removes any surface rust leaving a clean surface ready for primer.

Step 2: Inspect & Repair

Inspect and repair is an essential part of the restoration process. We inspect the roof for any tears, punctures, or any other blemish in the roof. Any problems we find are evaluated and addressed as needed.

Step 3: Primer

Conklin primer is the foundation for our liquid applied membrane. Primer also guarantees a perfect bond between the EPDM and the new liquid applied membrane. With an adequately bonded foundation, it’s off to the next step in the process.

Step 4: Top Coat

Step #4 is the final protective layer. Primer, a chemical bonding agent, is already applied as a seamless coat on top of the EPDM. Next comes the Liquid Applied Membrane. This membrane is a tough, lightweight, white acrylic applied as a seamless layer. Warranties are typically ten years, with some system versions offered with 18-year extended warranties. This membrane can be cleaned and renewed, extending the warranty-contract an additional 10-18 years if completed before the warranty expires. Ask about our Annual Roof Inspections to catch any damage to the roof and repair it quickly.

Common Questions & Answers

Will I Save Money on Utilities?

Great question; most if not nearly all building owners see significantly lower heating and cooling bills after installing a White Conklin Roof. Lower energy consumption comes in two primary ways. #1, Conklin white roofs reflect up to 85% of the radiant heat from the sun. Less heat absorbed means airconditioning units cycle less frequently, using less energy. #2 Our foam roofing system offers both reflectivity and much-improved insulation. This seamless insulation system eliminates most of the typical energy leaks present in standard insulation systems.

How Can Your System Last So Much Longer?

Conklin Roofing Systems are vastly different from the competition. Every roof we install is the result of multiple products, each with a particular job. Every area exposed to extra wear and tear or stress has additional reinforcement added to avoid premature failure. Our roofing systems consistently last longer because of one thing; they are a complete system with multiple products working together to achieve the best result.

Can We Keep Using the Building While the Roof is Being Installed?

Yes, you will be able to keep using the building while we restore your roof. Elite Commercial Roofing will restore your roof without exposing the inside of the building*. Most building owners experience little to no interruption.

*If your roof is so severely damaged that a full or partial tear-off is required, we will work with you to minimize the impact as much as possible.

What About Hail?

Can a Conklin Roof handle a hail storm? Yes, they can; many of our roofing systems have carry a class 4 hail rating. Hail ratings are based on a scale of 1-4, with 4 being the highest class. Ask us about which Roofing System would be the best for you.