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Conklin EPDM Restoration

A revolutionary solution to an aging leaky EPDM roof.


Conklin Foam Roofing is a white reflective system proven to reflect up to 85% of solar radiance and heat.


Spray Foam Roofing systems come with a 10-18 year guarantee for peace of mind and long-lasting protection.


By eliminating tear-offs, we reduce the environmental impact. We recommend renewing this system every ten years for best performance.

Why Should I Restore VS. Replace an EPDM Roof?

With every passing year, the EPDM roof on your building ages, and eventually, cracks begin to form. A big rainstorm comes along, and next thing you know, there is a big water leak in the middle of the building. Now what? Well, it’s raining outside, so you put a bucket under it and mop the floor dry. The next day and you go up on the roof to see if you can find the leak. Unfortunately, after looking around, the leak seems to be hiding from you. Time goes by, and that bucket sits there collecting water every time it rains. More leaks show up in other areas, and now you are wasting way too much time chasing leaks while worrying about where the next one will show up. Replacing the roof means lost time and profits plus the expense of disposing of the old roof. This leaky roof has put you in a stressful position; the roof isn’t going to get any better, and shutting down for a tear-off and replacement is out of the question. No building owner should have to deal with a dilemma like this. What you need is your entire roof fixed without doing a tear-off such as a roof restoration. A roof restoration is the process of returning the roof to a beautiful leak-free worry-free state. It eliminates tear-offs and puts an end to your stress. The price is lower since a tear-off is unnecessary, and you can use the building like normal during the restoration. If your old roof was black, the new reflective white could save a significant amount on your energy bills. We have restored roofs for everything from national chain stores to treasured historical sites. You could be our next success story. We look forward to solving all your roofing problems. Call today for your free roof inspection.

About EPDM Restoration

EPDM Restoration is the name given to a roofing system invented and produced by Conklin, our supplier. This roofing system of products restores EPDM roofs without the need for expensive tear-offs. How does this work, you might wonder. More on that later; for now, here are the basics. We apply primer to the freshly cleaned and prepped EPDM for a proper bond between the old roof and the new membrane. Our liquid applied membrane is applied over the primer, completely sealing and protecting the entire roof. An optional fabric re-reinforcement system is available for those looking for the most extended-term solution possible. We recommend renewing a restored roof after ten years for best performance.

Metal Roof Restoration

How its done

Step 1: Cleaning

Nothing can bond to a dirty roof surface. Step #1 is a deep clean of the roof, removing accumulated dirt and grime and caulk, and other products used as a patch in the past. High-pressure washers strip the surface down to the original surface. Other additional methods are used where needed. De-greaser is used anywhere oil has contaminated the roof surface. A clean surface ready for primer is our priority.

Step 2: Fasteners

Loose Fasteners must be tightened or replaced. Years of expansion and contraction of the metal loosens screws and fasteners across the entire roof. Loose screws weaken the roof and building. We check and tighten every fastener, replacing them where necessary. As an added precaution, each fastener head is covered with a Hershey kiss shaped cap of Qwik-Caulk.

Step 3: Seam Reinforcement

The joints in a metal roof are a common cause of leaks. Metal roofing joints (often referred to as seams) are vulnerable to leaks from backed up snowmelt or the simple wicking of water between the two roof metal sheets. Every seam is reinforced with a high tensile strength cloth embedded in the liquid applied membrane. With the roof cleaned, fasteners tightened or replaced, and every seam or joint reinforced, your roof is ready for step #4.

Step 4: Primer & Top Coat

Liquid Applied Membrane a long-term roofing solution for your peace of mind. Step #4 is the final protective layer. Primer is applied as a seamless coat to the entire roof surface. Primer is a bonding agent ensuring a proper chemical bond to the roof surface. Next comes the Liquid Applied Membrane. This membrane is a tough, lightweight white acrylic applied as a seamless layer. Warranties range from 10 up to 18 years. This membrane can be cleaned and renewed, extending the warranty an additional 10 to 18 years if completed before the warranty expires. Ask about our Annual Roof Inspections to catch any damage to the roof and repair it quickly.

Common Questions & Answers

Will I Save Money on Utilities?

Great question; most if not nearly all building owners see significantly lower heating and cooling bills after installing a White Conklin Roof. Lower energy consumption comes in two primary ways. #1, Conklin white roofs reflect up to 85% of the radiant heat from the sun. Less heat absorbed means airconditioning units cycle less frequently, using less energy. #2 Our foam roofing system offers both reflectivity and much-improved insulation. This seamless insulation system eliminates most of the typical energy leaks present in standard insulation systems.

How Can Your System Last So Much Longer?

Conklin Roofing Systems are vastly different from the competition. Every roof we install is the result of multiple products, each with a particular job. Every area exposed to extra wear and tear or stress has additional reinforcement added to avoid premature failure. Our roofing systems consistently last longer because of one thing; they are a complete system with multiple products working together to achieve the best result.

Can We Keep Using the Building While the Roof is Being Installed?

Yes, you will be able to keep using the building while we restore your roof. Elite Commercial Roofing will restore your roof without exposing the inside of the building*. Most building owners experience little to no interruption.

*If your roof is so severely damaged that a full or partial tear-off is required, we will work with you to minimize the impact as much as possible.

What About Hail?

Can a Conklin Roof handle a hail storm? Yes, they can; many of our roofing systems have carry a class 4 hail rating. Hail ratings are based on a scale of 1-4, with 4 being the highest class. Ask us about which Roofing System would be the best for you.